Bialetti Brikka Espresso Percolator Coffee Pot

Stovetop 4 Cup Aluminum Coffeemaker

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Bialetti Brikka Espresso PercolatorWith the capacity to make four two-ounce cups of rich espresso coffee, the Bialetti Brikka stovetop percolator is the tried and true coffee system of many European homes. Although it takes some tending, it yields an excellent brew.

Cooking with steam rather than a hot water drip means you have to be careful about cleaning. A pressure release valve on the lower chamber has to be checked before every use and kept clear of scale.

It isn't necessary to keep the pot on the burner until the process completes. With practice, you can learn to heat it to just the right point and let it run on stored heat to finish. Another very important point, for best taste, is to rinse the interior of the pot but not scrub it out with detergent. The coffee oils will form a protective layer on the pot's interior walls and prevent any metallic taint from being transferred to the coffee.

The transparent lid adds a new convenience to this old design, letting you see when the coffee stops working -- you won't have to depend totally on the sound any longer.

Using this machine takes some practice. Read the manual carefully, have your cups ready, and follow directions precisely. For best flavor, grind your own beans just before you brew.

Compare this with the Farberware electric percolator.

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