Black & Decker InfraWave Countertop Oven FC150BR

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Black & Decker InfraWave CountertopThe InfraWave uses infrared light to cook foods both inside and out at speeds up to fifty percent faster than conventional ovens. Even better, there is no thawing or preheating needed. Most foods take under twenty minutes to cook and serve. The heat produced is even and won't dry out food. The results are juicy and flavorful-- no accidentally brown and crispy meals. Fifty-two programmed cooking functions work with the speed of a microwave.

It might take some getting used to. The lights of the oven repeat on and off depending on the food being prepared, not the temperature of the oven. There are quick-pick cooking options which operate at the press of a button, a ConvertMenu function which translates cooking times for prepackaged foods, a reheat, speed toast, bake and roast, and broil settings. All of the buttons are clearly labeled and simple to understand. The heaters pause when the oven door is opened. With this oven, you save energy and you get more consistent results than with microwave cooking.

This would be a fantastic addition to any busy setting, especially for on-the-go families where dinner might be forgotten among the many activities. This oven allows you to spontaneously prepare a meal which would require far more time and planning any other way.

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