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Black & Decker Rice Cooker The Black & Decker Rice Cooker is the simple sort of machine I enjoy. It doesn't have a lot of fancy features. You add the rice, water and seasonings to the pot, press a button, and a few minutes later you have hot rice. No need to stir or monitor a pan. The cooker then keeps the rice warm until you're ready to eat.

The lid has a steam vent/condensation catcher. These can be messy at times, so you'll want to locate the device away from overhanging cabinets. It does spit a bit. Every rice cooker of this style I've seen does this.

The lid is made to hang on the side of the pot when not in use- interesting, but I usually store mine on the pot, inverted, so I can stack other things on top. The cooking bowl is removable and nonstick. The pot makes up to twenty cups of rice per batch, plenty for guests, but also prepares smaller portions.

The set comes with a steamer basket for making fish or vegetables, which you can do with or without rice. The user guide offers a chart for rice cook times and liquid ratios, but I've found you'll need to experiment just a little to get the consistency you prefer. Hey, that's part of the joy of cooking.

Compare this with Zojirushi's rice cooker.

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