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Stainless Steel Digital TROS1000

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Black & Decker Spacemaker Toaster Oven Black & Decker have revamped their popular Spacemaker¬Ě line of under-cabinet kitchen appliances in a black color scheme with stainless steel accents. This toaster oven promises to free up counter space by its innovative mounting option.

This toaster oven, part of the Spacemaker quartet of appliances, is a compact unit with a set of easy to use controls and a large digital display. While not about to replace a larger, more fully featured countertop oven, this serves as a sleek toaster replacement for those that desire to clear off that counter. It will toast four slices of bread at a time, or cook a 9-inch frozen pizza. Featuring toast and bake settings, there is also a 30-minute timer and a keep-warm function.

Adding to the utility is a plug that allows plugging in an additional appliance into the same outlet, and a cord management feature for keeping everything neat. Unfortunately, there is no removable cooking tray included with this so you will have to find one yourself that will fit inside the oven.

While this is a sleek little unit, I am not sold on it for its features alone. However, it coordinates very well with the other appliances in the Spacemaker set and together they make quite a statement in the kitchen. The biggest challenge to the consumer with this appliance seems to be installing it correctly under your cabinets. In fact, there is an instructional video at the company website addressing this issue.

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