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Black 1500 Watt TB-621-BHM

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Blendtec Home Blender Professional'sThis is a serious blender for people who have serious blending needs. It's definitely professional-grade quality. It makes my old blender look like a child's toy. I once visited a website where you could view blenders blending things you would not believe. You name it, they would blend it. And this blender is that kind of blender. I wouldn't bet against it in a blending contest.

That's funny, I just searched for that website-- it's called "Will it Blend?"-- and it's a Blendtec website. So this blender truly is "that kind of blender."

You can use this to do a lot of things your food processor does. And it works well as a juicer, too. I ran into it when I was looking for juicers, actually. Most blenders can't handle making vegetable juices. You end up having to strain solids and re-blend and repeat. But this blender mows through greens like a champ. (On the down side, this thing is almost as loud as our lawn mower, too.)

I also like that it has one button, so you can push it and turn away. (Not that I'm endorsing unsupervised blending, mind you.)

Something else you can't tell from the pictures is that this blender is a wee bit shorter than comparable blenders. This is terrific because it means it's easier to store and keep on countertops.

I don't like that the base is plastic. It cheapens what is otherwise a very top-of-the line set-up. If a durable design is important to you, check out the KitchenAid Polycarbonate Blender.

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