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Bodum Chambord Coffee Press In the interest of full disclosure, I have been a fan and user of the Bodum coffee press for over fifteen years, ever since receiving one for a gift. Mine has accompanied me on camping trips and been packed in the suitcase for use in hotel rooms, along with a small electric kettle.

There is simply nothing bad that can be said for this wonderful method and device for brewing a pot of exceptional coffee. The quality is excellent, chrome plated brass and stainless steel parts, with the tempered glass Bodum pot. There are innumerable imitators on the market these days, but you need only see the devices side by side with the original to notice the difference in quality. Those used to using traditional drip coffeemakers seem to think this is a cumbersome, effete way to make a cup of coffee, demonstrating your pretentiousness more than practicality. Au contraire! The steps are different, but no more complicated than any brewing method. The result, however, is profoundly improved with the press, regardless of the brand of coffee you use. Of course, if you shop for the cheapest ground coffee on the supermarket shelf, this probably isn't the coffeemaker for you. For the ultimate experience, plan on using quality fresh ground coffee from a local roaster, or grinding your own beans.

There are adjustments to be made in the morning ritual with a coffee press. There is, of course, no auto-brew feature, and the coffeepot has no hotplate to keep it warm after brewing. I have used this method for so long it has become habit, requiring no more thought than brushing my teeth. As for keeping the brew hot, a thermal carafe works a treat.

Also see the Bodum Santos glass vacuum coffeemaker.

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