Bodum Columbia French Press Coffee Pot

Stainless Steel Thermal 8 Cup

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Bodum Columbia French Press Coffee Pot A French press pot with a precise filtering mechanism and a great look, this polished stainless steel coffee maker by Bodum makes eight two-ounce espresso style cups of delicious hot brew. That's about four cups American style.

This much stainless steel, with a double walled thermos design, can take a lot of the heat out of your coffee just in warming up the pot, so fill it about half full of boiling water for a few minutes before you start. Pour out the warming water, add coffee and fresh hot water, let it brew for a moment, and press. The pot will keep your coffee steaming hot for up to two hours.

The French press is one of my favorite coffee systems, giving full control of brewing time and options for just enough. I can make one cup at a time when I want it, and I'm never stuck with coffee too old to drink. The Bodum Columbia Thermal Press Pot goes a step farther with a press filter that fits the sleeve so well that you get very few of the grounds in your cup. Combine that with the thermal storage, and it's a fine way to really enjoy good coffee.

Grind your own beans just before you make a pot, for the best flavor. With this system, you don't need to worry about metal imparting taste to the drink -- the stainless steel is non-reactive.

Compare this with the Bodum Chambord coffee press.

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