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Gourmet Single Serve Brewer TAS4511UC

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Bosch Tassimo Coffee Maker There's a reason this wonder brewer has such a long, convoluted, scientific name; if Dr. Frankenstein had made a barista it would have been Bosch's TAS4511UC.

This isn't to say that the beverages that Tassimo brews for you aren't faster than what your neighborhood cafe will serve up. Or that they don't taste good. It's just that the human element is completely removed from this all-too-clever coffee maker:

The machine brews your drink using a Tassimo disc or T-Disc which contains precisely measured ingredients for each individual drink. The brewer scans the barcode printed on the label of each T-Disc to identify the drink desired. Then, the machine adjusts the brewing time, temperature, and amount of water according to the T-Disc. All you have to do is insert the T-Disc, push a button, and wait about a minute for your beverage to be ready.

Using a unique inverse flow all the brewing is done inside the T-Disc. This means that different drinks can be prepared one after the other with no flavor transfer from cup to cup. Twelve distinct brands provide over 40 beverage varieties in T-Discs, including, of course, several big-name brands- Starbucks, Maxwell House, Tazo, Twinings....

But you won't find Stumptown coffee here, nor Kusmi's smoky earl grey, nor the Tao of Tea's ginger hibiscus, nor Green & Black's organic hot chocolate, nor Dagoba's. The list of what you'd be missing goes on and on.

And think of the waste! Each serving comes packaged in its own T-Disc!

But maybe you're in a hurry. Maybe you don't have time to think, or to share a cup of tea with a friend. Maybe a minute is all you can give yourself, in which case maybe this monster is for you.

Here's another single-serve coffee maker to consider:  the Keurig Elite Gourmet Coffee Maker.

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