Breadman Ultimate Plus Bread Machine

Stainless Steel Convection 2 Pound TR2500BC

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Breadman Ultimate Plus Bread Machine The Breadman is a programmable bread machine which bakes horizontal loves, producing bread in one, one and a half, and two pound sizes. Crispier crusts are possible through the convection baking system this model offers. A handy dispenser allows you to easily add in flavorings and mix in ingredients. A twenty four hour delay timer for baking, over three hundred preprogrammed recipes and a sixty minute power failure backup are some of the advanced features of this model.

Prepare cake batter, bagel, pizza or pasta dough, create gluten free or low carb items, all in one machine. Like to watch? Remove the lid or use the viewing window to see your goods as they bake. The Ultimate Plus even includes an oven light and a bake only setting (with variable temperature). The Breadman comes with a one year limited warranty.

This product has a very mixed history. About half the people who use it find it a delight and half experience disappointment. There have been multiple issues with the bread pan and the clips meant to secure it in place. People are unable to get the pan to stay in or find it impossible to remove once the bread is finished. The machine's failure to mix ingredients, a number of defective machines and the level of noise are all common complaints.

On the flip side, other people have found the Breadman to be a long lasting, easy to clean unit, offering a fantastic platform for experiments in home baking. The name inspires fierce brand loyalty, but I'd save my paperwork, just in case.

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