Breville Barista Coffee Knock Box

Espresso Brushed Stainless Steel BCB100

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Breville Barista Coffee Knock Box Back in the early '90s, we got our first espresso machine at a restaurant where I was working. It proved enormously popular, and soon we were in need of a sturdy surface to knock the portafilter on for quick release of used grounds. I fabricated something from a small steel pan and hardware store parts that did the job. Looking back, it appears that I could have started a lucrative business out of that idea.

Nowadays, the choices abound for knock boxes, as they are known in the espresso brewing world. It was only natural for Breville, now that they are manufacturing espresso makers of their own, to offer one to match the brushed stainless steel finish of their machines. The knock box is a humble unit, requiring only a sturdy base and a firm yet padded bar for whacking the filter on. The simplicity itself has fostered a plethora of models to facilitate this task. This version has a graceful shape and is large enough for the busiest espresso brewing household. The durable padded bar is made from "engineering-grade polymers," of course. No ordinary rubber these days; it's the 21st century after all. The inner lining is removable for hand or dishwashing, and there is a polymer ring on the base to keep this from slipping during use.

You could certainly do as I did and make your own knock box, but if you desire to make a design statement or coordinate with the style of your Breville espresso machine, this is the model to add to your shopping list.

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