Breville Ikon Removable Plate Grill

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Breville Ikon Removable Plate Grill The Breville Ikon Grill offers reversible, interchangeable flat and ribbed plates which allow you to grill or cook on the griddle and do so up to fifty percent faster than other grills. A floating hinge accommodates thicker, taller items so you can grill panini-style sandwiches. It can be adjusted to six preset levels, which apply pressure to the food appropriate to your need. This grill also includes a tilt feature for assisted draining of fats and oils, which means your food is lighter and ultimately lower in calories.

The nonstick plates give you a surface where food won't adhere and make cleaning the grill easy. The temperature control can be set from 350 to 425 degrees in this 1800 watt appliance. The device can be stored upright to save space and the plates are dishwasher safe. The housing is brushed stainless steel with a polished die cast handle. The unit comes with a one year warranty.

These grills have a frequent failure rate, both in general (electronics) and due to the clips which are meant to hold the plates in place. Hot plates falling from the machine while in use are unacceptably dangerous. Mildly irritating, the unit cannot be fully opened to cook on the whole flat surface and must be unplugged with each use. That said, when people got a good grill, they were very happy with the function, found that the grill heated well and stored easily.

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