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Breville Juice Fountain Extractor The Breville line of juice extractors are a style known as "continuous centrifugal" juicers. Basically this means they use a rapidly spinning blade to grind up the produce, which is then thrown against the spinning perforated sides of the filter to draw out all the juice. The stainless steel filter is cone shaped, so as the pulp is processed it works out the top and is flung into the reservoir. Voila!

The Juice Fountain Professional model has a 600-watt motor enclosed in a heavy metal base. Large rubber feet keep this from dancing around your countertop while in use.

Also included is the large pulp container which attaches to the side and automatically collects all the residue as you process juice. This model was known as the first domestic juicer to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables when it came out in 1999. The large feed tube (3" wide) combined with the aggressive motor and blades really can process a remarkable amount in a short time. The resulting filtered juice flows out the spout into your juice glass or into the included 1-quart pitcher. The pitcher has a froth separator for those that don't enjoy the "latte effect" produced with some juices. Also included is an airtight lid for storing the full pitcher in the fridge.

For those that commit to making juice at home for the flavor and health benefits, this juicer makes the task a bit easier with its large capacity feed tube and considerable processing ability. The juicer quickly strips down for easy cleaning, and there are no tiny bits to lose or break off. Keep in mind that Breville is constantly refining and updating this product, so look for the latest model available in your price range.

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