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Breville Juice Fountain Plus The Breville name is well known in the juicing world. This Australian company manufactures a line of no-nonsense juice extraction machines that typically get rave reviews for their ease of use and durability.

The Juice Fountain Plus is a good example. It has an 850-watt motor and two speed system. The high setting provides the muscle for grinding up hard, fibrous foods such as carrots while the low speed is meant to gently juice soft pulpy fruits and leafy greens like spinach. The filter has a conical shape so as it spins it draws the juice through the filter. The pulp, seeds, skin et al, is processed up and out into the pulp reservoir. This allows you to juice continually until you've filled up the 2 1/2 liter pulp container, rather than having to stop and continually clean out the filter.

Another feature you may find useful is the large 3" feed tube, centrally located over the cutting blades. This allows the juicing of whole apples, multiple carrots and such. There is something terribly satisfying about chucking apple after apple into this beast and watching the juice glass fill up!

This juicer is very simple to operate and easy to disassemble for the inevitable cleaning as well. All the components can be put in the dishwasher or simply hand washed in the sink. I've found that for the most part, just a rinse under warm water does the job.

For the time and money invested, few things deliver a better reward than fresh processed juice in your own kitchen.

FYI- All that pulpy byproduct makes great compost for your garden as well.

Compare this with the Breville Ikon.

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