Breville Slow Cooker Review

Stove & Oven Insert Saute Pan, Stainless Steel Nonstick BSC560XL

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Breville Slow Cooker Review A lot of thought went into this Breville slow cooker, rated "Best" by Cooking Light Magazine. I can tell that the manufacturers wanted to incorporate extra elements in this product that would actually be improvements, not just extra bells and whistles.

One feature that stands out is the EasySear Insert with roasting rack. This is a tall pan that can be used on its own as cookware, made from non-stick die-cast aluminum. It's meant for saving prep steps, i.e. browning onions or roasting meats before using them in a slow cooker recipe. I used to avoid recipes that called for a lot of prep work beforehand, but I don't have to anymore. This means one less skillet I have to wash.

The heating technology is different as well, in a good way. The Breville has an extra heat setting beyond the normal "low" and "high," called "dual." Its suggested use is for prime cuts of meat or dishes with grains that need anywhere between 4-8 hours of cooking time on a medium temperature. And to help preserve an even cooking surface, the slow cooker has a wrap-around heating element.

Both the power cord and silicone grips on the handles are removable -- this makes it easier to transport from the kitchen to my buffet table. Cleanup is easy, too, since it's a non-stick pan. In order to keep the non-stick qualities intact, I wash it by hand right after getting the leftover food put away. The Breville only comes with a 1-year warranty, so I'm not taking any chances.

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