Bunn Contemporary Coffee Brewer

Black Stainless 10 Cup NHBX-B

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Bunn Contemporary Coffee Brewer The Bunn home brewer creates up to ten cups of coffee in only three minutes. The stainless steel water tank has an internal thermostat in order to assure the best flavor and fast brewing by keeping water at the perfect temperature. The brewer will also keep hot water ready for other beverages.

The patented design of the unit's sprayhead maximizes flavor extraction as it evenly coats grounds with the heated water. A sliding lid makes adding water hassle free. The porcelain coated warming plate keeps brewed coffee hot until you want it. A vacation switch allows you to tell the unit to turn off the tank heater if you're going to be away for a longer period. A three year limited warranty is included along with a glass decanter.

A concern I have is that the tank continually heats the water inside (it's also not the most green appliance for this reason) and depending on the conditions, I'd worry that the tank could run dry. This potential is not addressed in the company's literature. While the vacation setting is nice, there could be situations where, unexpectedly, you may not return home for a day or two. But the features are fantastic. The sprayhead system actually creates turbulence in order to expose the grounds to the heated water and the grounds are left in contact with the water for an optimal length of time for flavor devoid of bitterness.

This widely popular model offers people many great, quality features: the speed of brewing, excellence in coffee produced, and the ideal heating of the water. If you are a daily or heavy user of coffee, this would be a wise investment.

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