Calphalon Classic Roaster w/ Nonstick Rack

Hard Anodized Aluminum 16 Inch

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Calphalon Classic Roaster w/ NonstickThis Calphalon roaster is created from hard anodized, almost pure aluminum construction. Approaching ninety nine percent aluminum content, the pan provides superior conductivity for a fast sear, browning, or exceptional results when deglazing. The included nonstick roasting rack is described as V shaped, but is really more of a U shape. This does make a difference. The shape has better stability and helps create a more crispy, intact skin by limiting the areas where the meat contacts metal. It also cradles your food and keeps it from rolling off as you move the pan, something a flat rack will not do.

Without the rack, the pan can be used alone to prepare a lasagna or casserole with easy release. The set is both oven and broiler safe to seven hundred degrees. It is safe for use with metal utensils, and won't react with your food. The construction is perfect for creating gravy you'll drool over; the sides are high enough to reduce splatter, yet low enough to allow air to circulate freely.

The upright handles are one of the best features of the pan. They offer a more secure grip for lifting; yet directed in this way, they don't make the pan wider or more difficult to move into and out of the oven. The set has a twenty five pound capacity and cleans up with a soak and hand washing.

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