Calphalon Contemporary Fruit & Vegetable Knife Set

Stainless Steel 2 Piece Full Tang

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Calphalon Contemporary Fruit &This set of two small prep knives from Calphalon of Germany offers both a 6" utility knife and a 3.5" paring knife in full tang forged stainless steel patterns. The comfortable shaped and durable polymer handles add a modern look.

With heavy blades and bolsters, these knives won't have the slicing efficiency of lighter Japanese knives, but for the work intended the extra strength can be a bonus. Forged knives do resist twisting and bending forces better than stamped steel, and the wider bevels and tough alloy used here will not chip if used for heavy work. For the lighter jobs make sure you keep the blades razor sharp.

Sharpening is usually only a matter of a few strokes on a sharpening steel if you keep the knives in good condition, touching up up the blades regularly. Cleaning these blades should be done by hand, and don't forget to dry them off, too--modern stainless steel will blemish if not properly cleaned and stored. The lifetime guarantee covers defects in workmanship but not improper care.

The paring knife is always one of the most useful knives in the kitchen, good for removing blemishes in fruit and vegetable, peeling difficult roots, and for small jobs that require fine control. The utility knife is a size many choose for sandwich prep, and makes a good boning knife as well.

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