Calphalon One Casserole Pot

Cast Aluminum Nonstick 7 Quart | Dutch Oven Stockpot

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Calphalon One Casserole Pot The heavy cast aluminum Calphalon One Non-Stick Casserole is equally suited to oven and range top cooking, with a tempered glass cover and a four layer non-stick interior coating that's guaranteed for life if used properly.

Few restrictions apply to the casserole's use -- plastic or wooden utensils that won't damage the interior are recommended, and the pot shouldn't go in an oven hotter than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The lid is rated a little lower than that at 450 degrees. Hand washing is required, since the cast aluminum can degrade in a dishwasher.

This deep and strongly built cooking pot is perfect for any Dutch Oven style recipe, as well as pot roast and stew. The stout stainless steel pot handles are attached to the anodized aluminum casting with four steel rivets each, so there's no doubt this pot can stand up to a heavy load.

The non-stick aspects of the pot extend even to difficult foods like sticky rice and caramel. Foods that ordinarily would bond to the pan bottom and require scraping lift out of the Calphalon One. I believe there's a little catch to this, though -- the company advises that thorough cleaning between uses is essential. Any oily residue allowed to dry on the pan will allow foods to stick. Pre-heating to the right cooking temperature before adding cooking oil to the pan is also a necessary habit.

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