Calphalon One Skillet w/ Glass Lid

Deep Dish Aluminum Nonstick 13 Inch

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Calphalon One Skillet w/ Glass Lid For preparing family-sized portions and having the quality and durability to last for many years, you just may want to have this skillet on hand.

As a longtime user of large iron skillets, I appreciate the versatility of the oversized pan, even when cooking only for myself. An entire breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and bacon can be prepared at once, the flavors and juices mingling to great effect on the stove. Likewise, I will prepare a week's worth of meat, ground beef for instance, on Sunday for inclusion in quick recipes later, rather than let it slowly lose its freshness sitting raw in the refrigerator. The biggest complaint I have with my old skillet is the inadequate handle size. That is not a problem with this model from Calphalon. Not only is the oversized stainless steel handle a welcome sight, but the skillet includes a helper handle on the other side. The pans in this series feature a very rugged nonstick coating bonded to the interior of the hard-anodized aluminum body. Additionally, there is a nonstick polymer applied to the exterior to further protect the finish from staining.

Take note: This is a heavy skillet. You will need that helper handle to move this pan about when full of food. Unlike a cast iron skillet, however, there is no need to season the finish for proper cooking. In fact, you can fry foods with no added fats at all if you wish, although better results -- and flavor -- will be achieved with a small amount of oil. The included stainless steel and glass lid is a welcome addition for steaming and keeping spatters under control when frying foods.

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