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Capresso CoffeeTeam Coffee Maker BurrCapresso has really upped the bar this time. They have combined a burr grinder and a coffeemaker into one automatic unit. Just load the beans and water, set the timer for brewing, and the next morning you have a freshly brewed, freshly ground pot of java.

The burr grinder feature is a superior method of grinding the beans due to the consistent grind achieved, and that translates into a better pot of coffee. This model comes with a Goldtone permanent coffee filter as well as a charcoal water filter for better taste. An electronic programmable clock allows you to preset the brewing time and the grind of coffee to use. You can program two different settings on the grinder as well for convenience. The steel conical burrs are meant to last for years of use, and the whole unit is designed for easy cleanup.

There are issues concerning a low brew temperature with this that can produce a weak cup of joe, even with those fresh ground beans. Hopefully Capresso has addressed that with the latest model.

While this unit can handle all aspects of the process, I still look at these combination machines as more novelty than necessity. Comparing prices, you can get a high quality burr grinder as well as an excellent coffeemaker for less than the cost of this dual performing model. These machines have a tendency to get mucked up with coffee grounds due to the complicated moving parts within and need to be periodically disassembled for overhaul. Personally, I enjoy the morning ritual of grinding the fragrant coffee beans and adding them to the coffee maker.

Compare this with Krups' coffeemaker with built-in grinder.

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