Caribou Blend K-Cup Coffee Bulk Pack

Single Serving Organic Fair Trade

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Caribou Blend K-Cup Coffee Variety Pack It can be a challenge to find the best choice in a coffee. Flavor is a major part of the bargain, but it is only a part. Aroma, strength, and delicate notes must be considered. Equally important is price and availability. For some, the source of the beans, their sustainable growth and harvest, and fair payments to farmers also factor into the decision.

The Caribou Blend falls in the mid range of roasts, just a little on the dark side, aiming for a result that is sweet, yet spicy. Caribou describes this coffee as big bodied and syrupy in flavor with a clean finish. They combine Indonesian with South and Central American varieties to gain a lively fruit tone, in this case, berry! The Caribou Blend has Rainforest Alliance Certification, and other Caribou coffees have Organic and Fair Trade Certifications. Caribou supports chemical free agriculture and sustainable farming practices with wildlife protection. They also help to guarantee that workers receive a fair wage, safe working conditions, and improved living conditions.

With a batch of one hundred and eight K-Cups, you can be assured that you'll have a month or more worth of servings at hand of your perfect choice, always ready to be dropped right in the coffeemaker with no mess or measuring.

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