Celebrity Chefs Art Smith, Tal Ronnen Create New Healthy Restaurant Chain

Lyfe Kitchen To Open Summer 2011 In California

Posted by on Feb 17

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An experienced team of business executives and chefs is planning on launching  a new fast food restaurant concept this summer in Palo Alto, California. It's called Lyfe Kitchen, where the letters in "Lyfe" stand for "Love Your Food Everyday." The concept is to present customers with healthier fast food options -- absolutely zero butter, fried foods, or high fructose corn syrup to be used in the cooking processes.

Here's the kicker: The brainchild for this new franchise came from Mike Roberts, who is the former president and chief operating officer of McDonald's. He will be working with another former McDonald's employee as well as Art Smith, the celebrity chef for Oprah Winfrey. Vegan chef Tal Ronnen, known as "The Conscious Cook," was also brought into the project to help create vegan and vegetarian menu options.

Lyfe Kitchen's brand philosophy doesn't stop at a vegan-friendly, low-calorie menu; it will also be based on philanthropy and eco-friendliness. Eventually, the chain wants to branch out into the U.S. with over 250 restaurants over the next five years.

Stephen Sidwell, one of the company's investors, said that "every decision we make — from using eco-friendly building and packaging materials, to ingredients we source, to providing an engaged service team and partnering with local nonprofits — will engage and inspire our guests, and ultimately, have a tremendous impact."

Source: TIME Magazine

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