Chef Emeril Lagasse Launches New Line Of Gourmet Steaks

Posted by on Apr 15

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Home-delivery food supplier Allen Brothers Steaks has recently teamed up with celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse to include a new steakhouse variety in their catalog: Emeril's Red Marble Steaks.

Emeril is looking forward to presenting a quality option for meats at an affordable price for consumers. He says these particular steaks are "jamming with flavor" -- and that's a guarantee, according to the brand's "Promise of Excellence" program through Allen Brothers. If any steak does not meet the quality, grade, or condition as expected, it will be replaced.

The premium cuts of meat will include bone-in ribeye, filet mignon, NY strip, tenderloin, and Porterhouse among other varieties.

In a press release issued earlier on the 14th, the Allen Brothers company expressed their happiness as well. "We are pleased to welcome Emeril Lagasse to the Allen Brothers family," said president Todd Hatoff. "With Chef Lagasse's commitment to quality and our tradition of excellence, we have built a strong team for bringing the best possible products to each of our customers."

Emeril's Red Marble Steaks will be available for ordering starting May 1, 2010.

Source: PR Newswire

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