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Kitchen Cutlery 22 Slot Laminated

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CHEFS Hardwood Knife Storage Block With enough slot space to store nearly a full set of kitchen knives, the 22 slot Beechwood Storage Block from CHEFS will add beauty to your kitchen and organize your favorite tools. Four wide slots will hold four chef's knives or santoku blades; ten smaller slots are built for the wide range of pastry, carving, utility and paring knives. In the front section there's space for eight steak knives, and one specialty slot in the main block holds your sharpening steel.

Heavy cleavers, either the vegetable or meat versions, will be too big to fit in this block. But nearly everything else will fit. The blocks have been designed with horizontal slots, so the blades rest on the flats and not on the edges, resulting in less wear and tear of both block and cutting edges. Beechwood, often used in butcher blocks, is an excellent choice for a knife block--fine grained and light in color as well as heavy, durable and stable.

Warranted for one year, the CHEFS block should last far beyond that with ordinary care. Before a first use, rub the block well with several applications of butcher block oil or mineral oil and reapply as needed. Although the block rests above the counter on rubber feet, care should be taken to find a dry place for it. Steam from countertop appliances or heat from nearby ovens and stoves may cause the wood to swell or crack.

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