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Chic Chefs Knife Block Set This set of five Chic Chefs ceramic blade knives, complete with a hardwood knife block, offers two paring knives, a small utility knife, serrated bread knife, and chef's knife--all with features and limitations unique to zirconium oxide cutlery.

Zirconium oxide blades have several good features, retaining their sharpness as much as ten times as long as good steel, if properly used. These blades will not rust or stain and do not impart flavor to acidic food. Chic Chefs has offered a generous warranty with this set, guaranteeing them against defects in workmanship for ten years. The rubberized ergonomic handles are comfortable and do reduce fatigue from these already lightweight knives.

The down side may make you reconsider whether you want an entire set of zirconium blades. Blade length is short--the bread knife is long enough for cutting hard rolls but there are many homemade loaves of bread too wide for it to handle. The three smaller knives all fall into the category of paring knives, and the chef's blade would at best be a match for the smallest version of the old cook's knife.

There is only one style of cutting for which these knives are suited--the straight slicing cut. No sideways force of any kind is permitted--no rotating dicing movement, no twisting, no bending, no flexing, and of course--no dropping. These blades break under stress. One should be enough to satisfy your curiosity and find good use in your kitchen. Five seems like four too many.

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