Chicago Metallic Gourmetware Tortilla Taco Shell Pans

Nonstick Large Set

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Chicago Metallic Gourmetware TortillaTaco salads rock. Crispy homemade lowfat taco salads at home REALLY rock. With these taco shell pans, you bake ordinary flour tortillas into taco salad shells in your oven.

Traditionally, crispy tortilla shells are made in a deep fryer, which gets them nice and crunchy, yet adds considerably to the fat content. Not so good. These pans are a neat alternative for creating your own healthy taco salads at home. They are large sized, suitable for the biggest flour tortillas and manufactured from aluminized steel for superior heat transfer and corrosion resistance. The interior is coated with a nonstick finish and these pans are completely dishwasher safe.

A baked tortilla shell is not exactly the same thing as the deep fried variety. After all, you're losing all that delicious, um, fat. That is the first thing you'll need to get used to with this method of preparation. It does however bake up plenty crispy and is wonderful filled with all your favorite ingredients. If your concern is less about the fat content and more about just avoiding the mess of a deep fryer, you have the option of brushing the tortilla shells with the oil of your choice before baking them. It adds a lovely flavor as well as crisping them up extra nicely in the oven.

You could get real creative with these pans, so why stop at taco shells? Try brushing the tortillas with butter and dust them with some cinnamon sugar before baking them. Then top them with ice cream and fresh fruit for a novel dessert. Hey treat yourself, look what a healthy dinner you had. Hee hee.

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