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Chicago Metallic Madeleine Cookie Sheet Ah, Madeleines. Still considered a gourmet treat in the US, although as common as cookies in England and other European countries. I was smitten from my college days in London. On the way home I'd buy a bag full, still warm and fragrant from the corner Patisserie to enjoy with a pot of tea.

To make these deceptively simple treats, you need a good Madeleine pan. This Chicago Metallic version is made from carbon steel, suitably heavy for even heat distribution in the oven. That's an important feature, as the delicate nature of these shell-shaped biscuits demands careful attention when baking. Also, these pans feature a heavy non-stick coating that has proven successful with users. Remember to always remove the Madeleines from the pan promptly after removing from oven to maximize the benefit of the non-stick finish, and to allow the Madeleines a chance to breath while cooling.

Personally, I always give the pan a quick wipedown with walnut oil before use and after washing, to ensure the next batch won't stick, and to protect the carbon steel finish. A pan like this should give you years of service, as long as you follow the instructions for proper care. This is advertised as dishwasher safe. My advice is to keep it away from the high temps and harsh detergents in the dishwasher, and hand wash after each use.

Making Madeleines is very easy to do. Once you start, you will find it hard to resist making a batch every weekend. Bon Appetit!

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