Chroma F. A. Porsche Type 301 Carving Knife

Kitchen Stainless Steel Fork Set

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Chroma F. A. Porsche Type 301 CarvingPart of holiday tradition and everyday kitchen prep, the carving knife and fork have always been mainstay tools of the dining table as well as the kitchen counter. This new design by F. A. Porsche is an attention getter in either zone, with a look that has won Chroma Cutlery awards for design, and functionality that put these knives in the hands of professional chefs worldwide.

Rugged enough for an outdoor barbecue, these Type 301 solid stainless steel tools are a blend of two different alloys--ergonomic handles of 18/10 serving quality stainless and blades of Japanese 301 steel famous for its edge holding and easy sharpening. The artistic shape of the handles, flared horizontally for a good fit against the palm and then vertically for comfortable fingertip gripping, is simple and practical. A pearl of stainless steel replaces the traditional bolster.

Caring for this set means hand washing--the stain resistant steel will spot if run through a dishwasher, and the specially ground edge of the carving knife could be damaged as well. The carving knife, with a thin but strong blade, can't be sharpened with a honing steel like western chef's knives--Chroma offers a Japanese waterstone and detailed instructions for maintaining the edge. In normal use it should not need attention for months.

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