F. A. Porsche Chroma Knife Block Set of 8

Full Tang Stainless Steel Type 301

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Chroma F. A. Porsche Type 301 KnifeThis award winning eight piece set of professional quality chef's knives from Chroma Cutlery's Type 301 series, designed by F. A. Porsche, shows that even the most basic concepts of knives can be made better. Pictures don't really do enough to explain the style--they'd need to be 3D to really show the fine points.

The handles are engineered simply but with real intelligence behind the flowing shape. The wide horizontal wedge fits against the palm; up front where the shape joins the blade, the wedge goes vertical to fit the fingers. A small steel pearl is all that's needed to safely define the juncture between handle and blade.

The only serrated edge in this set is on the bread knife, where it should be. All the rest, including the Santoku, have the traditional fine edge. In 301 alloy steel that edge will last, and sharpens easily with a Chroma flat waterstone. Sharpening steels will be banned from the kitchen if these are your knives--using them on a 301 can damage the cutting edge. Even under heavy use by professional chefs these knives need sharpening only once a day.

The thin but strong blades slice easily through all but the heaviest chores. Chopping or prying is a task for a thicker forged knife or cleaver.

Even the block has been redesigned; by loosening a thumb nut on the back the block sections can be taken apart, cleaned and dried. There's no sense in putting a fine knife in a wood block that's wet and moldy.

Another similar set to consider is the Henckels Stylus knife block set.

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