Chroma 301 Stainless Steel Knife Set, F. A. Porsche

Professional Chef’s Starter Kit w/ Carry Case

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Chroma F. A. Porsche Type 301 Knife Set A fine basic set of Chef's knives either for the professional or the serious home chef, this four knife collection comes in a soft sided carrying case emblazoned with the company logo--everyone will immediately know you have the best. Be ready to prove it.

These knives won't let you down. In the home kitchen the edge is expected to last six months under normal use and with a minimum of care. In the professional kitchen where the knives will see hours of use daily, daily sharpening with a special flat stone is recommended. Sharpening steels are not to be used on this set, and one person only should attend to the edge. Follow instructions--everyone sharpens knives differently and proper breaking in requires the same set of hands every time.

Sounds more difficult than it is. If you have cheap knives you're probably accustomed to sharpening them more than once a day, even at home--and any good chef is protective of their tools. These knives are just a cut above the usual and deserve special care.

The Chroma 301 pattern is based on refined but simple concepts--clean and sensible handle design, practical blades of excellent steel honed to perfection, and the famous 301 alloy that holds an edge superbly but sharpens easily. The knives included are boning, Santoku, filet, and the old standard Chef's knife--not everything you need, but what you get is high quality.

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