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Chroma F.A. Porsche Type 301 BoningChroma Cutlery's award winning Type 301 knives, designed by F. A. Porsche, may at first glance strike you as more pretty than practical. Using them convinces most people that these ergonomic but unusual knives will do the work better, faster, and with less fatigue.

This boning knife, with a cutting edge of 5 3/4 inches, is a fine example of the way Chroma knives blend form with function. A flattened horizontal "dovetail" at the handle base gives perfect balance and leverage against the palm; a corresponding vertical section joins to the 301 alloy blade, giving fingertips a comfortable and precisely controlled grip. The stainless steel pearl that looks like decoration actually serves as a bolster, preventing your hand from traveling too far towards the blade, and in this small but efficient boning knife the blade itself is dropped just enough to form a finger notch.

The thin blade is specially ground by a master craftsman at Chroma's factory, and the resulting edge is not only razor sharp but also durable, intended to last as long as six months in a home kitchen with ordinary care, before needing any sharpening. That care includes washing and drying by hand to protect both edge and polish, never using a honing steel, and sharpening the blade when needed with a Japanese waterstone. Chroma provides detailed instructions on the care of these knives.

Chroma's 301 blades are intended for cutting and slicing, not chopping or prying. This knife will easily slip meat from bones, but trying to chop through bone may damage the edge. Cutting up frozen food is also discouraged. We all have cheaper knives we can use for that.

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