Chroma F.A. Porsche Vegetable Cleaver Knife

Chinese Stainless Steel Type 301

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Chroma F.A. Porsche Vegetable CleaverThe vegetable cleaver is the most versatile knife in an Asian kitchen, equivalent to the chef's knife familiar in Europe and America. This Chroma Type 301 Vegetable Cleaver, in the pattern designed by F. A. Porsche, makes one of the most practical prep blades even better.

If you're shopping on the internet you may not have pictures that give you a good look at this award winning design. The rear half of the 18/10 stainless steel handle is flared horizontally to fit against your palm comfortably; the front half is flared vertically to provide an easy grip for your fingers, and a stainless steel pearl at the junction of handle and 301 steel blade serves as a bolster.

The 301 alloy isn't the only good thing about this blade. Chosen for edge retention and easy sharpening, considerable time is spent at the factory putting a precise flat grind on this 7" cutting edge. The resulting blade is thin but strong. The 301 knives are designed for slicing, not for heavy chopping tasks like cutting blocks of frozen food or meat with bones. Special sharpening instructions are included and must be followed--use a flat waterstone, not a sharpening steel.

In a skilled chef's hands the vegetable cleaver can do most of the work in a kitchen, and with a blade of this quality the work goes faster and you get better results. If you can only have one best knife, this versatile cleaver is an excellent choice.

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