Chroma Haiku Santoku Knife

Japanese Stainless Steel Cutlery 8 Inch

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Chroma Haiku Santoku Knife Believe it or not, there was a time when even the best knives were made in this pattern and people were happy with them. Today it's possible to pick apart the details and complain that the metal ferrule over wooden handle may conceal a gap where moisture can collect, or that the rat tail tang is not so strong as a full tang with slab handle pattern. A good knife is still a good knife.

Modern processes are often not fundamentally better than old processes, and the old pattern represented by this Haiku Chef Knife is not lesser in quality. It is a pattern left behind by modern construction methods, because some procedures are more efficiently done by machines than by hands. You will not find, in this knife, the multiple hollows of the modern granton style that most of us now think is the mark of a good santoku--but a hundred years ago, a good chef wouldn't have thought that was necessary.

In the Haiku Chef Knife you do get the best of modern steel, and you'll need to take the same precautions as with other high end Japanese knives. To maintain the fine edge, use a sharpening stone rather than a honing steel, or risk damaging the blade. Be careful of chopping or cutting hard materials like bone or frozen food, because this hard steel can chip. The same qualities that make this Santoku an excellent slicing knife also make it vulnerable to twisting and bending stresses. Use it as the makers intended.

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