Chroma Porsche Type 301 Knife Block Set

Kitchen Stainless Steel 5 Piece

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Chroma Porsche Type 301 Knife Block Set The four knives in this block set from Chroma Cutlery cover most of the tasks in a modern kitchen. With the dovetail flare handles that won awards for designer F. A. Porsche, this set will increase any chef's efficiency at the same time it eases the stress on the hands. It makes good sense to buy the best basic knives you can afford, and this selection of paring, boning, santoku and chef's knives are among the best.

None of these knives has a serrated edge, so all can be maintained by the owner. The 301 alloy steel holds an edge very well, enough to last six months without resharpening. Partly that's due to the alloy and partly to the extra attention given by Chroma craftsmen who painstakingly create the final thin taper grind by hand. The edge is easily resharpened with the right equipment, a flat waterstone--a sharpening steel may damage the blade.

The hard thin edges are not designed to be used on anything but wooden or plastic cutting boards and should not be used on frozen food or for chopping through bones. They are especially efficient at virtually everything else, easy to hold and easy to control. The 18/10 cutlery stainless steel of the handles is seamlessly joined to the 301 blades, with a stainless steel pearl marking the juncture and acting as a bolster point.

The block for this set has two extra slots, and meets Chroma standards by disassembling easily for cleaning and drying. A stainless steel bolt connects the different layers of the block, and is released with a stout oversized stainless steel thumb nut. That's yet another sign of the thought that went into this fine product line.

The Chroma Porsche 8-piece knife block set may suit your needs even more.

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