Chroma Type 301 F.A. Porsche Oyster Knife

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Chroma Type 301 F.A. Porsche OysterAlthough I've been very impressed by Chroma knives from the Type 301 series, I do wonder whether in this oyster knife they've gone a step too far. The 301 knives have won several awards for design because of the unique and efficient combination of blade and ergonomic handle shape, but does that design extend equally well to all knives? Here's your chance to find out.

Oyster knives are made to do one job--shuck oysters. Some people wear a cutting glove on the hand that holds the oyster, because there's usually some prying and pushing going on when you attack the hinge of the shell or the gap beside it. Oyster knives often have an exaggerated bolster and a thick handle to provide extra safety and twisting leverage. The Chroma design doesn't give an inch here, and considering the quality of the steel and the edge, even a cutting glove might not be enough protection if you slip. The smooth solid 18/10 stainless steel handle and the small metal pearl bolster don't seem adequate for this work.

As a paring knife this will surely be a better choice--the 2 1/4" leaf point blade seems well adapted to smaller kitchen work and the handle design has already proven itself for those applications. You won't go wrong by buying this knife, but use it on oysters with caution.

Pair this with the Chroma 301 boning knife.

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