Chroma Type 301 Porsche Pastry Knife

Kitchen Full Tang Stainless 10 1/2 Inch

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Chroma Type 301 Porsche Pastry Knife For consistency alone, if you choose Chroma Type 301 knives for your kitchen, you'll want to complete that set with matching serving ware. This serrated 10 1/2" pastry knife from Chroma Cutlery will cut bread and pastry with perfection, and has all the unique characteristics of design and build that made the 301 style by F. A. Porsche an award winner.

The special construction of these knives seems as well suited to prep work in the kitchen as to serving ware, but even though you don't need 301 steel and a masterfully honed cutting edge to cut cake, the appearance of this knife fits in well with fine dining. Other knives in the 301 line should not be used on glass or porcelain cutting surfaces and some care should be taken with this one also. The slightly serrated edge will stay sharp for a long time, though--the 301knives are expected to stay sharp for six months of normal use.

Type 301 knives are not meant to run through the dishwasher--if you care about the fine polish then you must wash the pastry knife by hand in mild detergent soon after use, and hand dry to prevent spotting. The special edge of the pastry knife can only be resharpened at the Chroma factory, so don't try it at home. Chroma is very specific about how its knives should be used and stored, recommending a wooden knife block that can be disassembled, cleaned and dried.

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