Circulon 2 Square Griddle Pan

Aluminum Nonstick 11 Inch

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Circulon 2 Square Griddle Pan Having a good griddle pan on hand is as helpful as having a dependable skillet. You'll want to consider the size foremost when choosing a pan, checking that it has the capacity to handle your ingredients. This one is sized for serving one or two people a main dish or a side for up to four. Anodized aluminum, harder than steel and coated in nonstick, offers very nice, even heating without worries about warping. The best part of the Circulon 2? The small raised ridges, patented shallow rings which enhance the nonstick properties. This pan also has an exceptional handle -- a slip resistant synthetic grip over riveted stainless steel with an ergonomic arch shape. Griddles are a wonder for quick frying chores or when working alongside your regular skillet.

A stovetop griddle is better than a separate appliance if you prefer a simple, streamlined device. They store in a smaller space than a dedicated appliance, yet are readily on hand. Griddles are great for breakfast food, but they also make hot sandwiches and meats, and this one can be used to make pancakes without butter due to the construction. True, it doesn't drain off the fat as you cook, but you can use less oil with a nonstick pan and manually drain the grease. There are some foods that work and taste better when allowed to keep their juices as they cook.

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