Circulon Classic Kitchen Cookware Set

Non Stick 14 Piece

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Circulon Classic Kitchen Cookware Set Let's just get this issue out of the way: This cookware doesn't compare to something like All-Clad. But at this price, who cares? Circulon offers fantastic cookware at a fantastic price. You can tell a Circulon pan from the telltale circular grooves. They claim that they protect the nonstick coating from wear by exposing only a small portion of the nonstick surface to cooking.

Like all non-stick, you need to be somewhat gentle. Don't wash them in the dishwasher. And don't cook with them over high heat. Also, these can go in the oven, but only up to 350 degrees. (Generally, you want to keep non-stick coatings away from heat that is too high.) And keep those forks and metal spatulas away from the nonstick surface. If you take care of your cookware, they will last forever. (They are covered by a lifetime warranty, too.)

I'm not a fan of cookware sets in general. I find that some pots and pans are great for everyday use. And others just never get used. Especially with a larger set like this one. But, on the plus side, with a set this large, you're bound to find a pot for every need. And this set has a good mixture of pots. And skillets. It even has a stockpot, which is often left out of cookware sets. So you get every standard piece that a cook would need -- what a value!

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