Circulon Elite Skillet w/ Saute Pan

Twin Pack Hard Anodized Nonstick

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Circulon Elite Skillet w/ Saute Pan This two-skillet set from Circulon includes an eight-inch and ten-inch diameter skillet in their Elite pattern. Hard anodized for non-stick cooking, these pans are heavy enough for even heat distribution without distortion. The stainless steel handles are a bit heavy for perfect balance, and you may have some problems keeping them flat on the burners.

Calphalon's Hi-Lo feature casts concentric ridges in the bottom of each pan, causing less surface to be exposed to abrasion from utensils and releasing food more easily than a flat-surfaced pan. For best results, use tools built of silicone, plastic, or wood. Stainless steel utensils may damage the surface.

The shape of the pans' steep sides helps keep food and grease spatters inside the pan, and makes turning food easier. Use them for sauteing, frying, and even in the oven for cooking temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Double stainless steel rivets securely bond the stout handles to the pans, with no worries about fastenings that might work loose from heat or heavy loads. For proper care of these pans, don't put this nonstick finish through a dishwasher. Hand washing with mild detergent and a non-abrasive scrubbie is the best cleanup method.

If you'd prefer a stainless steel saute pan, here's one to consider from All-Clad.

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