Circulon Infinite Chef’s Deep Dish Pan w/ Lid, Loop Handle

Nonstick Aluminum 6 Quart

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Circulon Infinite Chef's Deep Dish PanLet's pretend: It's crunch time. You have to choose. Your kitchen is on fire and you can only save one pan... No, I'm sorry. Say you're paring down. You're allowing yourself to only keep one pan out of all your cookware. Which will you choose?

This chef's pan is one of the best all around pans to have in the kitchen because of its design. The sides are tall enough for use in preparing savory deep dish meals. And as an added plus, they help keep food and splatter contained inside the pan. The helper handle addition will make sure you have a good grasp on the pan when bringing it to the table.

The combined benefits of a pot and a skillet in one pan? I like any pan which allows me to prepare all of the components of a meal in one piece of cookware. And it's dishwasher safe! The pan's bottom is suitable for all stove types. The Hi-Low ring design helps preserve the interior structure of the pan, the ridges taking the full onslaught of cooking utensils while the lower areas remain protected. It is practically foolproof. The stainless component won't burn food. The aluminum will transfer heat marvelously. The nonstick will help old and new cooks alike and is guaranteed to outlast all nonsticks.

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