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Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller Fridge full? Kids keep taking the last cold soda? You could put a can in the freezer, but as long as you remember it's in there, it takes a couple of hours at least.

The Rapid Beverage Chiller has proven it can chill far faster than other chillers or sleeves. It has the ability to take canned drinks to 43 degrees in 1 minute, bottles in 3.5 minutes, and wine bottles in 6 minutes. That's 40 times faster for cans and 10 times faster for wine. The drinks rotate inside the machine under a spray of ice water. All it takes is ice, water, and the items you wish to cool.

Carbonated drinks won't foam up when they're opened. For more delicate wines, there is a no-spin option. The Tailgater model comes with a car lighter adapter which won't drain the car battery and can keep your drinks cold on the road, for picnics, for camping or tailgate parties. You can chill your water before you head out for a run, for example.

The touchpad has preset times, an extra chill setting (which will take cans to 34 degrees) and an indicator which tells when you need to add more ice. The machine turns off automatically when the beverages are cold. The lid can be removed to fit long wine bottles. The unit can also heat baby bottles. You merely add hot water instead of ice.

Here's another beverage chiller that's perfect for the wine enthusiast.

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