Creamalicious Ice Creams Southern Creamy Ice Cream For Dessert Lovers

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Can’t decide whether to have apple pie or ice cream — why not both? Go to Creamalicious, a place where blissfully Southern desserts meet creamy ice cream and indulge in your favorite comfort food ice cream!

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The Creamalicious artisan ice cream flavors have been churned out to give you that authentic Southern experience with ingredients and recipes that have stayed true for generations.

Creamalicious specializes in taking fresh-baked pastry from the South and infusing them into ice cream. They create an indulgent blend of familiar flavors and provide you with a unique, Southern-inspired, two-in-one dessert. With creative dessert ideas, the team at Creamalicious hopes to give you a true Southern comfort food culinary experience.

The company has a long tradition of Southern dessert making. With four generations of recipes, the team handcrafts Southern-inspired artisan ice cream flavors. Using family recipes and clever names for the innovative ice cream flavors, Creamalicious hopes to combine ice cream and storytelling.

You can find a wide scope of unique flavors, like Aunt Poonie’s Caramel Pound Cake, Porch Light Peach Cobbler, Thick As Thieves Pecan Pie, and more. All flavors come in 16 oz-sized pints, and the website contains a detailed description and table of ingredients for each dessert. Creamalicious offers nationwide shipping in a dry ice shipping box to ensure your ice cream remains frozen during the delivery.

With the newly announced launch, Creamalicious continues to honor the rich history of the South and engage clients with comforting memories of favorite childhood desserts.

Creamalicious was founded by Chef Liz Rogers to celebrate her roots and community. The award-winning flavors are inspired by the Chef’s family recipes that have been passed down from 4 generations in the South. The company has been around the Midwest since 2014, but recently they have expanded their business and their products are now available nationwide.

Liz Rogers, the Chef at Creamalicious said: “We craft our desserts by harnessing the familiar experience that Southern comfort foods bring, and blend it with a culinary artistry that feeds our spirit.”

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