Cuisinart Automatic Bread Machine

Stainless Steel Convection CBK-200

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Cuisinart Automatic Bread Machine Make bread, doughs, jam, and even sweet cakes in this compact convection oven bread machine, the Cuisinart CBK-200. With separate cycles for Low-Carb, Gluten-Free and Artisan bread and thirteen more preset options, the programmable settings allow more than a hundred options.

The unit beeps when it's time to add mixed-in ingredients like fruits and nuts, and again when mixing is finished--giving you the option to remove the mixing paddle to preserve the unbroken crust when baking is done. Starting the bread cycle can be delayed as long as twelve hours, and a backup circuit maintains settings up to fifteen minutes in case of power interruptions.

Although customer reports are generally positive, most will see a long learning curve with this machine. Recipes provided with the Cuisinart CBK-200 have been the most common problem, yielding dough too stiff for the machine to handle and loaves that are flat and hard. Those home bakers with the best results from the CBK-200 are the ones willing to adjust recipes, perform manual stirs when needed, and otherwise tweak the process. Although the cycle can't be reset at the push of a button, unplugging the unit for fifteen minutes will override the blackout circuit and allow a restart.

Some of the most positive comments come from customers in need of gluten free breads. The customized cycles and recipes for that complicated choice seem to work especially well. In spite of some problems, Cuisinart customer service has been cooperative and the warranty is a good one--three years of coverage.

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