Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Cookware Set

Stainless Steel Aluminum Core 17 Piece

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Cuisinart Chef's Classic Cookware Set From stockpot to saute pan, this 17 piece Chef's Classic Cookware set from Cuisinart has every pot and pan you'll need to outfit your kitchen. The polished stainless steel is attractive and durable, with lids that fit so perfectly the manual provides instructions for breaking the vacuum seal they form as the pot cools (the trick is to gently reheat until the lid loosens). Riveted metal handles are solidly connected to the pots and guaranteed for life if the cookware is properly used--good to hear if you have a stack of pans with sloppy handles you need to upgrade.

The bases of the pots and pans are bonded to layers of highly heat conductive aluminum for fast and even heating. The system is so efficient that you'll need less burner heat to cook meals; low to medium heat is all that's required.

You may also need to adjust the way you think about cooking, because using the pots on high burner settings may damage the cookware by separating the aluminum from the steel. On gas burners there could be different problems--even on low settings food may burn unless you get a set of flame-tamer inserts that are placed between cookware and flame. If you overdo, setting the flame so high it spills up the sides of the cookware, the steel could be permanently discolored. Owners of induction stovetops should consult their manuals to see if this type of cookware is compatible.

Using less burner heat means lower energy bills and genuine benefits over the long term, but it's a change in habits you'll need to make immediately, or you risk damaging part of your set.

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