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CPC-600 6-Quart Brushed Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliance

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Cuisinart CPC-600 6-Quart PressurePrepare your foods seventy percent faster and in a more healthy manner using steam to build pressure, which leads to hotter temperatures. The sealed container locks in nutrients, flavors, and moisture which would be lost to other methods of cooking. Variable pressure and temperature settings, plus special features for browning, saute or simmering and a keep warm setting, give you control and the potential for any number of home cooked meals.

If you've been afraid to try a pressure cooker before, newer models alleviate some of that fear. The Cuisinart CPC-600 has a lid which must be locked in place before the pressure will start to build and won't unlock until the pressure is released. The brushed stainless steel housing is fingerprint-proof with cool touch handles. This model includes a nonstick cooking pot. Both the cooking pot and trivet are dishwasher safe. It has a precision digital thermostat, an LED countdown display, and push button operation. A condensation collector clicks into place before use. It can be removed to wash with soapy water afterward. The pressure cooker comes with a limited three year warranty.

One downside to the speed of cooking is the need to remove several parts of the cooker for cleaning. There are detailed instructions in the manual for which kinds of cleaning are allowed for which parts of the cooker. Certain types of foods require special instruction to prepare in a pressure cooker. This cooker is not for pressure frying oil. Room must be left in the cooker for expansion of its contents. It cannot be overstated that with such a cooker you must read the directions before use as liquid to solid ratios are important, as are capacity measurements. Used properly, such a cooker can lend speed and quality to your meal preparation. Used improperly, these are still potentially dangerous devices.

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