Cuisinart Lifetime Hoan Knife Block Set

Kitchen 20 Piece Stainless Steel Full Tang

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Cuisinart Lifetime Hoan Knife Block Set One of many similar lower quality cutlery block sets manufactured by Lifetime Hoan Corporation and marketed since 2003 under the Cuisinart brand name, this 20 piece block set received poor marks from consumers. Now frequently touted as the perfect choice for "recreational chefs," the original problems are still included, but at a bargain price.

The high carbon stainless steel forged blades were advertised as 18 percent chromium and stain free, but gained a reputation for quick rust spotting in spite of careful hand washing and drying. The forged full tang construction with stout bolsters and end caps and triple riveted Delrin handles still gave owners blades that were too thin to hold a good edge and which sometimes even developed cracks.

Even though Cuisinart Cutlery issued a lifetime warranty for these knives, service was not always satisfactory. The best case was replacement with knives of no better quality, and the worst case was replacement with refurbished sets rejected by previous customers.

For many home chefs--recreational or not--the twenty piece assortment pictured here would include several knives that see little use. Home chefs on a budget who are willing to put extra effort into maintenance still might consider these as a starter set--but be prepared to move along to something better, and soon. Consider two or three good knives of your choice from Forschner by Victorinox instead.

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