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Kitchen Stainless Steel TAN 4

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Cuisinart Tandem Toaster The Cuisinart TAN 4 is a two slot toaster which can hold up to four regular slices or two longer items for toasting. Each slot is an inch and a half wide to accommodate thick breadgoods and an extra lift carriage lever helps you to remove smaller pieces after toasting. Settings include bagel, defrost, and reheating, along with a six option browning control and a cancel button to stop any process. Cool touch housing helps prevent burns. A convenient cord wrap option, a slide out crumb tray, and a blue LED display round out a nice group of additional features. The Cuisinart comes with a three year limited warranty.

Uneven toasting, burned items, and a long toasting time disrupted customer enjoyment of this model. Users also had trouble getting four regular slices of bread to fit, but liked that very long pieces would fit in the slots. People liked the slim-line footprint and the overall look of the model, including the LED display. Cool touch housing and the extra lift option for hot bread items are always welcome features, preventing nagging burns and a few of those small frustrations we face on a daily basis. Customers were more frequently dissatisfied with this toaster than pleased, with even those who would praise it experiencing a few problems with the basic function of the machine: decent toasting.

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