Delivery Driver Jobs for Restaurants Available in Sanford, Florida. Now Hiring!

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TripDelivers, a restaurant and food delivery service startup in the United States, announces the recruitment of drivers for the Sanford, FL market. Part-time and full-time driver jobs are available now.

TripDelivers allows drivers to keep 100% of the delivery fare and tip, and drivers are paid daily. Drivers operate independently, set their own schedules, and can even earn additional revenue through the company’s excellent referral program. Learn more about driving for TripDelivers here -

TRYP Technologies Inc boasts that it is the first disruptive and innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of ride-share technology. TripDelivers, a subsidiary of this Las Vegas-based company, was designed to provide an alternative to existing restaurant food delivery solutions.

With a unique, cost-effective approach to restaurant food delivery, TripDelivers differs from their competition in the restaurant food delivery space. Bob McNulty, CEO of Tryp Technologies, Inc. said, “The business model was designed to deliver cost savings to the restaurant and the customer over high fees charged by some of the existing food delivery service providers.” See cost comparisons here -

TripDelivers has a low, flat fee for food delivery instead of a fee to the restaurant of 20-30% of the ticket price. The company also has the best interest of the customer in mind by avoiding the common practice of customer menu-markups utilized by most of the popular delivery companies. Also, there are no hidden fees or surge pricing, which cannot be said of many competing companies. Restaurants and customers that sign up and use TripDelivers delivery service can expect to keep more of their hard-earned money.

TripDelivers officially entered the restaurant food delivery service industry in early 2020 with the successful launch of the Nashville, TN market. In order to effectively penetrate, build a presence and quickly gain market share in other large cities and suburban USA, TripDelivers is now entering additional markets, such as Sanford.

As the company expected, many people are enthusiastically embracing the new service provider. McNulty said, “With our disruptive pricing model that has much lower fees than the other well-known delivery companies, our service is more favorable to restaurants, consumers, and drivers.” Learn more about TripDelivers here -

With the addition of new markets throughout the United States in 2021, TripDelivers is preparing for exponential growth. TripDelivers is in need of many drivers to fulfill positions in new markets. Contact TripDelivers to learn more about restaurant and food delivery driver jobs in Sanford, Florida.

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