DMT Industrial Diamond Sharpening Steel

Knife Honing Extra Fine Grit DS2E 12 Inch

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DMT Industrial Diamond Sharpening Steel The 12 inch diamond dust coated Extra Fine Grit Diamond Steel from Diamond Machining Technology can hone the edge of even the hardest modern stainless steel knives, but this honing level grit is not suitable for restoring or reshaping a damaged blade.

Diamond abrasive sharpening tools are now widely accepted by craftsmen in many different trades, and are chosen for their fast cutting and durability. A permanently bonded coating of tiny industrial diamonds over solid steel, this abrasive is meant to last a lifetime. As with any sharpening system, if you want to remove stock fast you need a larger grit--the grit on this steel is polishing grade.

For edges in good condition this steel works well. Pay close attention to the bevel angle so you don't waste time polishing the bevel shoulder rather than the surface and edge. This diamond honing steel should be nearly glaze free, unlike others that fill with steel particles and lose efficiency, but it's still a good idea to rinse it clean and let it dry before storing.

Though it will hone harder steel like VG-10, do that with a light touch. The harder steels in top quality Japanese blades will chip under side pressure, and some require special sharpening systems.

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