Dualit Professional Hand Mixer Set

Electric Chrome 5 Speed 88520

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Dualit Professional Hand Mixer Set The Dualit mixer is heavy duty, designed for home and commercial use, so it is able to provide that little bit extra when you need power, but don't want to pull out the full size stand mixer. It comes with a balloon whisk, two oversize flat beaters, and dough hooks, with five speeds to match their function. This model also comes in several striking colors.

One of the best features of this unit is the clean storage offered by the manually retractable power cord. It winds into the rear of the mixer, completely out of your way. Additionally, a convenient push button beater eject will pop the accessories off without effort. For safety, the beaters will only eject when the power is off. They can then be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The mixer's finish is mark resistant and an easy grip handle aids you to deftly manipulate the unit using only one hand, so your other is free to work with the bowl and ingredients. With 300 watts and 540-1200 RPM, you'll cut through any mixture. Ease of use is a design priority for Dualit and you'll find yourself reaching for this product to accomplish many chores you formerly performed by hand.

For a more basic approach, see the KitchenAid Ultra Power hand mixer.

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